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An original webseries about fighting your demons

Welcome to the official website for ASHER. Asher is an independent web-series about exorcist-for-hire, Asher Hawthorne, who makes her living casting demons out of New York's downtrodden and desperate. A veteran still coping with the cost of war, she is an outcast coming to terms with her own traumas and abilities while on a mission to unravel a diabolic conspiracy. Asher is a coming-into-power story for everyone trying to grow and thrive in the chaotic new millennium.

Asher: Initation is the next chapter in Asher's story, and is created by Lonely Cow Productions (Jack Payne, and Cara Brennan).

. You can follow production updates on our Instagram, and our Patreon. You can get special behind-the-scenes updates as well as exclusive original content from the creators by joining our $1, $5, or $25 tiers.


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