Jack Payne and Cara Brennan co-create, co-write, and co-produce ASHER, a show born out of their mutual love of fantasy, horror, sci-fi and action-thrillers. Jack directs, shoots, and edits, with Cara leading the show as the titular character; they're inspired by cult classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Detective, and The Shining.





ASHER is an exploration of the spiritual quest for the Inner Hero - a liberating imperative that can benefit every human being.  They are currently shooting the new season, Asher: Initiation. Each episode of the new season will be approx. 50+ minutes in length; we are taking Asher from 15 minute episode web-series to full length narrative series. Our goal is to finish the first episode of Season 2 with the wildest, most compelling storytelling ever seen from an indie web-series. We will take Asher: Initiation to festivals, and  will continue to shoot Season 2 as we look for backing. The end goal is to find distribution on a major streaming platform. We are currently looking for investors, if you are interested in joining Team Asher, message us.